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182                                   FESTIVALS  OBSSRVEB  IN  MATHUR^,

figures called sdnjkij representing Krishna and the G-opis3 in whose honour
also there are performances, all through the night, of the Has dance.

18.    Kuvdr Su&i S. — Meghnad Lila, or representation of the death of Ra-
van's son Megh-nad.     This Is the first of the three great days of the Bam
Lila, which is held on the open plain near the temple of Mahavidya.    The
entire series of performances, which commences from the new moon, includes
most of the leading events in the Bamayanaj such as the tournament, the
defeat of Taraka, the departure into exile, Bharat's expedition to Chitra~kiit3
the mutilation of Surpa-nakha, the rape of Sita, the meeting with Sugriv, and
the building of the bridge.   A separate day is assigned to each incident, but the
iirst six or seven acts of the drama are not invariably the same, and it is only
on the 8th, 9th, and 10th days that many people assemble to see the show.

19.    Kuvdr Sudi 9. — Kumbhakaran Lila, with representation of the death
of Ravau's brother, Kumbhakaran.

20.    Kuvdr Sudi 10* — Last day of the Dasahara, with representation of
Kama's final victory over Ravan.   Though this fete attracts a large concourse of
people, the show is a very poor one and the display of fireworks much inferior
to what may be seen in many second-rate Hindu cities.

21.    Kuvdr Sudi 11. — Bharat Milap.    A platform is erected in the street
under the Jama Masjid, on -which is enacted a respresentation of the meeting at
Ajadhya betweea Prince Bharat and Rama, Sita and Lakshman, oa their re-
turn from their wanderings.    For the whole distance from that central spot
to the Holi Gate not only the thoroughfare itself, but all the balconies and
tops of the houses are crowded with people in gay holiday attire ; and as the
fronts of all the principal buildings are also draped with party-coloured hang-
ings, and the shops dressed tip to look their best, the result is a very picturesque
spectacle, which is more pleasing to the European eye than any other feast in
the Hindu ddeadar ; the throng, however, is so dense that it is rather a
hazardous matter to drive a carriage through it.

2&   Kwo&r full mom — Sarad-piine.   Throughout the Bight visits are paid
to the different temples*


23.    JST&4& new moon— Diw&ii, or Dip-dan — feast of lamps.
24,    Kartik Sudi 1.— Anna-kat.   The same observances as at Gobardhaiu
but on a smaller scale.